October 28, 2009

A Prescription For "The Long War"

Glenn Greenwald nails it:
How long are we going to continue to do this? We invade and occupy a country, and then label as "insurgents" or even "terrorists" the people in that country who fight against our invasion and occupation. With the most circular logic imaginable, we then insist that we must remain in order to defeat the "insurgents" and "terrorists" -- largely composed of people whose only cause for fighting is our presence in their country. All the while, we clearly exacerbate the very problem we are allegedly attempting to address -- Terrorism -- by predictably and inevitably increasing anti-American anger and hatred through our occupation, which, no matter the strategy, inevitably entails our killing innocent civilians.

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

I liked his column better from a few days before, when he was contrasting the Oh-So-Serious Washington Post's editorial about how vital it was to keep borrowing money from the Chinese to fight the Eternal War in Afghanistan, but it was NOT essential to borrow to give health care to American citizens.

The image he painted of gleeful elites in Washington having a great time sending soldiers to die halfway around the world, while ignoring the masses dying for lack of health care outside their windows, was a damning indictment of an empire in its dying days.


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