October 19, 2009

How Will They Spin This Shit?

If Obama is looking for excuses to withdraw...

Karzai Camp Hardens Its Line on Recount - WSJ.com
"The foreigners are trying to push a second round, and we are not going to participate this time," said Talim Khan, who marched in Spin Boldak. "They don't respect our votes. Despite threats that the Taliban will cut off our nose and ears we went to the polling station. We won't do so again."

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

The sad thing is, I don't think he's looking for excuses to WITHDRAW, I think he's looking for excuses to ESCALATE while still being able to spin it to his base. (Which will not include me in 2012, if things keep going as they are on the war/economic/healthcare front.) I'm midway through a looooong NYT Weekend section piece on McChrystal, and there's nothing about withdrawal there, except for the General's faux threats of "give me everything I want or I'll quit!"


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