October 26, 2009

I'm So Old I Can Remember When This Would Have Been A Big Story

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

I never got to see al-Aqsa the summer I spent over there working on a kibbutz (1980). Although it was a generally safe and peaceable time, being between wars and all, the week that I took on holiday from my field hand's job, there had been some stabbings of tourists in the alleyways of the Arab Quarter. So Western punters like me were blocked off. I got to touch the Wailing Wall, and enter the passageway (later to prove conspiratorially controversial) off the left side of it, where archaeologists were doing excavations into what Dan Brown fans think are the "Templar Treasure stables."

More's the pity. I never got to see a significant Muslim site because of their intransigence. The Israelis are plenty bad (like the wheedling immigrant from Elsternwick who kept trying to beat us down for just $5 more when we were selling our fridge last week) but the Muslims are not pure either.

Feck religion!


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