October 01, 2009

Where Are They Now?

Remember Tom Switzer, the neocon-friendly ex-editor of The Australian? His influential mates were pushing for him to take over Brendan Nelson's old seat - "the jewel in the crown of conservative politics in NSW". Interestingly, he lost out. But his old friends in the Murdoch press were still singing his praises...

Chosen for his smarts | The Australian
First up, based on an order drawn from a hat, was Tom Switzer, a former opinion editor at The Australian. Handsome and charismatic, Switzer carried endorsements from leading conservative figures such as John Howard, Tony Abbott and Peter Costello.

Switzer had given everything to the contest, but his opponents had managed to brand him as the candidate of the Right: a disadvantage on the north shore, where the Left, also known as the Group, has done a much better job than elsewhere of blocking a resurgent Right during the past decade. Switzer's enemies also used the coward's haven of the internet to circulate nasty rumours about an alleged womanising past.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Damn that pesky Left faction of the Libs! The Right is so "resurgent" and numerous and influential and strong and everything, but that minority on the Left just has SO much ability to have its will! What IS it with these Lefties, who are so outnumbered and weak and all, but they still get their way?

With a name like "Switzer," which sounds like "Swish-er." you'd think he'd be glad to be known for a womanising past. Unless that's newspaper code for something else, like "patron of brothels" or "guy who has a dozen women ready to come out publicly and detail was an abusive, kinky shitheel he was." Perhaps that's a bebefit of the pre-selection system -- it can screen the disgusting knobs before they're paraded in front of the public.

G. said...

Sounds like they would have picked Switzer expect they know there is a nasty scandal waiting to hit the front pages. And I can tell you there are a few other Libs in the same boat, including my own local boy (shhh....).

The idea that the Libs even have a "Left" is just laughable. I guess if Switzer = right, then "Right" = extreme Fascist neocon warmongering assholes. And then "Left" = old-fashioned money-hungry ethics-free old-school wankers.

I mean, come on! Even the Labor Party don't really have a "Left" any more!

Bukko_in_Australia said...

But Teh Age had a big personality profile two weeks ago telling me how Julia Gillard was teh Left! I think that was the week before the piece about how Bill Shorten on teh Right had knocked up the Governor General's daughter, while both of 'em are busy being married to other people... Labor -- sounds like they've borrowed some moral fibre from American Republicans.


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