May 16, 2005

After such knowledge, what forgiveness?

A new survey shows major differences in how journalists and the general public view modern-day journalism:
In one finding, 43% of the public say they believe the press has too much freedom, while only 3% of journalists agree...

Six in ten among the public feel the media show bias in reporting the news, and 22% say the government should be allowed to censor the press. More than 7 in 10 journalists believe the media does a good or excellent job on accuracy--but only 4 in 10 among the public feel that way. And a solid 53% of the public think stories with unnamed sources should not be published at all.

Perhaps the widest gap of all: 8 in 10 journalists said they read blogs, while less than 1 in 10 others do so.
Editor and Publisher suggests the results are skewed because too many of the "journalists" involved are white, well-paid, college-educated and managerial-level.

Given that 4 in 10 of them can't see any bias in the media, I'd say too many of the "public" were idiots, too (just like the previous survey from the same university which found most young respondents thought the US government should be allowed to censor everything that gets published). Maybe they should read more blogs.

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