May 09, 2005

MEMOGATE: Fallout?

William Rivers Pitt at Truthout says Criminals Belong in Prison:
We need two exit strategies: one to get our forces out of that country as soon as humanly possible, and the other to get George W. Bush out of the White House and into a cellblock in The Hague. Save a bunk for Mr. Blair, too. Criminals belong in prison.

Joe Conason at Salon asks why the scandal is not being reported in the USA:
Are Americans so jaded about the deceptions perpetrated by our own government to lead us into war in Iraq that we are no longer interested in fresh and damning evidence of those lies? Or are the editors and producers who oversee the American news industry simply too timid to report that proof on the evening broadcasts and front pages?
Knight Ridder ran the story over the wires three days ago.

A White House official says the administration wouldn't comment on leaked British documents.

Meanwhile, lawyers acting for UK anti-war groups yesterday presented the international criminal court with evidence which, they say, shows that the government acted unlawfully by participating in the US-led invasion of Iraq. Evidence such as the MI6 memo will no doubt bolster the case for putting Bush, Blair and Howard behind bars.

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