May 28, 2005

No News Would Be Good News

In case you haven't heard, Arthur "Good News" Chrenkoff has been exposed as a liar on the Australian government's payroll.

Now a close look at his "Good News" series shows this disturbing pattern:

Despite 13 Chrenkoff posts since May 2004 about "Good news" on Iraq electricity, the daily average has gone from 11 hours a day to just 8.8 hours a day, while total production has dropped from 3902 to 3260 megawatts.

Thanks to tex at for the link.


Winter Patriot said...

It has almost reached the point where you can assume that everything they say is false. If they are crowing about something you can be sure that it's an ever-increasing problem. As illustrated again here. Wow!

Wadard said...

Nice work on exposing that Chrenkoff fool - he must have swallowed a bucket of antidepressants at birth to be able to see so much "Good News" coming out of Iraq when, as Ali fadhill says - there is such a little it is embarassing to mention.


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