May 05, 2005

Franklin Busted: Who's Next?

The FBI yesterday arrested Larry Franklin for passing secret information to two employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), policy director Steve Rosen, and his deputy Keith Weissman (both of whom have since left AIPAC).

Justin Raimondo at has been following this case closely. He says the really stunning thing about this arrest is that the 83 classified documents seized at Franklin's home span a period of three decades.
Franklin's treason is just the tip of the iceberg: what we are looking at is a longstanding conspiracy by Israeli agents inside the U.S. government to not only funnel classified materials to Tel Aviv, but to manipulate and bend U.S. foreign policy to serve Israeli interests.
This arrest could unlock the doors that lead to Douglas Feith (Franklin's former boss), the other Bush White House neocons, the Project For The New American Century (an Israeli agenda?), pro-Israeli voices within the US media, and more.

Or it could be a sign that the investigation is going no further than this. As Raimondo says, this is one trial that is going to be very interesting.

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