May 13, 2005

Gloating Time

Rightwing "good news" Aussie warblogger Arthur Chrenkoff admits that he lied to the ABC's MediaWatch program (and his readers, and his critics) about his financial payments from Dow Jones (the company that owns and runs the "Opinion Journal" and the "Wall Street Journal") for their republication of his "good news" segments.

Poor Arthur says he was just "responding to what I thought was an intrusive and irrelevant question". In other words, when the Media Watch producer asked him whether he received payment for his sickeningly one-sided propaganda pieces, Arthur panicked and lied. He then went on to attack the Media Watch program for their lack of ethics!

But don't be too hard on the poor man:
By the way, if you are coming here to gloat, please make sure you leave your contact details in the comments sections, as I will want to visit you in person to pay homage to a person who has never told a lie in their life. I'll be also bringing a rock or two as a gift, to add to your already large collection of first stones.
What a wanker.


gandhi said...

Full disclosure: I have never been and probably never will be paid a cent for anything to do with this blog, nor am I am member of any political party, nor do I have any political affiliations.

I just detest Bush and the warmongering liars who support him.

elendil said...

Even more impressive is the quote about
"the question of the mainstream media's coverage of Iraq", yet most of his good news is sourced from the mainstream media. Maybe if he had some exclusive news, like he had connections to NGOs or something in Iraq, or he was trawling documents that weren't covered by the MSM that had good news, it'd be a worthwhile project. But as it stands, he's just putting what's already out there in a single, easy to masturbate to, format.

DrScroogeMcDuck said...

probably never will be paid a cent for anything to do with this blog

guess the google ads aren't paying

Winter Patriot said...

What a wanker.

You are certainly right about that. Some of his fans wank pretty good too.


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