May 23, 2005

Jesus Wept

Every day I read through stories like this and I am consumed with such sorrow I could cry...
At the interrogators' behest, a guard tried to force the young man to his knees. But his legs, which had been pummeled by guards for several days, could no longer bend. An interrogator told Mr. Dilawar that he could see a doctor after they finished with him. When he was finally sent back to his cell, though, the guards were instructed only to chain the prisoner back to the ceiling.

"Leave him up," one of the guards quoted Specialist Claus as saying.

Several hours passed before an emergency room doctor finally saw Mr. Dilawar. By then he was dead, his body beginning to stiffen. It would be many months before Army investigators learned a final horrific detail: Most of the interrogators had believed Mr. Dilawar was an innocent man who simply drove his taxi past the American base at the wrong time.
But at least Omar Fadhil is going to bed with a smile on his face tonight.


Rosemary said...

Is that one link the only evidence you have to base these allegations? I thought everyone might have learned that it takes more than 1 unknown source's (or enemy) testimony. :)

elendil said...

Rosemary, I assume the allegation you are referring to is that the Coalition is engaged in torture? You want a link? Try this on for size. There should be more than enough links there to keep you occupied in your own research for quite a while. March 2003 might be a nice place to start. That is, if you have any intention of finding out more.


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