December 01, 2005

Major Cracks Appearing In Everything

Australia's top cartoonist, Michael Leunig:
"I feel so alienated from Mr Curly now and it saddens me. I want to make those more beautiful, poetic, philosophical, universal little poetic things and yet I feel like I've been dragged into a war and I have been conscripted in a sense into the whole bitter question and the sheer painful cruelty of it...

I feel we're in a really mad phase and there's a cycle of madness that is kind of spreading," he says.

"People say you have a choice, you don't have to look at that but I think, but how can you turn away because some day you and your children are going to need people to turn and take note of the injustice that is happening to you. We've all got a stake in this."
See some Leunig cartoons here. And here's one of his poems, La La Land:
I want to go to La-La Land and have a holiday;
In La-La Land they'll understand the thing I have to say.

I'll rent the little wonky shack that overlooks the bay,
And wait until it all comes back, this thing I have to say.

And then one night I'll bow my head while strolling on the sand,
And say the thing that must be said out loud in La-La Land.

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