December 23, 2005

Bottling It Up

Never mind that he has been caught out lying repeatedly, bringing the White House and his own position into disrepute. Never mind that his habitual lack of response is indicative of an autocratic government bent on destroying the very foundations of US Democracy. WaPo does a fluff piece on Scotty McLellan:
"We've come to understand that no matter how we slice and dice something, Scott's going to stick to the recipe," says Ken Herman, White House correspondent for Cox News Service. "I can't think of any topic where on the sixth or seventh iteration of a question we get something different from the original answer. By somebody's measure, that's the definition of doing the job well. Certainly not ours."

As with most people who do regular televised battle with McClellan, Herman says McClellan is a nice guy, polite and friendly off-camera. "He seems to have the right temperament to be a punching bag," Herman says.

"Who knows, maybe he goes home at night and kicks his dog?"
NB: Don't worry! WaPo gently assures concerned readers that McLellan and his wife have two dogs and three cats - "all of them rescued strays and none of which McClellan has ever kicked".

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