December 02, 2005

Rendition Air Pty Ltd

Row grows over secret CIA prisoner flights:
A survey by The Guardian of flight logs taken from 26 CIA aircraft reveals a far higher level of activity than previously known. CIA-owned planes visited Germany 96 times, and Britain 80 times, although with charter flights the figure rises to more than 200. France was visited just twice, according to the logs, which also reveal regular trips to Eastern Europe, including 15 visits to Prague.

Only one visit is recorded to the Szymany air base in north-east Poland, which has been identified as the alleged site of a secret CIA jail. Poland and Romania have denied hosting CIA prisons.

While the logs show unprecedented CIA activity, they do not show which aircraft were involved in prisoner transfers. In October and December 2003 a CIA Boeing flew from the British air base at Northolt, just west of London, to Tripoli while the CIA and Britain's MI6 were negotiating with Libya over its weapons of mass destruction program. In January 2004 the same Boeing was allegedly involved in transporting suspects to Afghanistan.

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