December 22, 2005

The View From Chile

From people who have lived through the nightmare:
It would seem that George Orwell’s “1984” is now at hand; that Bush is aiming to outdo Chile’s Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who also justified his assault on the human rights of Chileans in the higher name of a “war on terrorism.”

The slippery slope that Bush has embarked upon leads to a police state, plain and simple...
In case you missed it, neighbouring Bolivia this week elected its first indigenous President, Evo Morales, who calls Bush a "terrorist".

Popular left-wing governments now hold power in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela - take a look at a map - there's not much else down there in South America! One day somebody is going to have to clean up the foreign policy disasters of the Bush administration. We've come a long, long way since those global outpourings of post-9/11 sympathy, haven't we?


jazzycat said...

From my observations it seems to me that the U.S.A. is under serious threat from radical Islamic fundamentalists and only about one half of our citizens realize the potential of the threat. Their tactic is terrorism and if they are not taken seriously, they could win over an extended period of time. At present, they could not come close to winning on battlefields with military weapons. But, over time with the tactic of terrorism they could destroy our economy, will, and ability to engage them effectively. At that point an Islamic theocratic nation such as Iran could get involved and provide the organizational governmental entity for serious military conflict. What is truly alarming is that we have a major political party that is doing everything it can to oppose, hinder, and obstruct the efforts in the current war that is being waged against terrorism. In this effort they have the aid and support of most of the major news and information organizations in the U.S. When you look at what the leaders in this political party were saying a few short years ago about the dangers we face and what they are saying now, the only conclusion you can reach is that political advantage seems to be their guiding motive behind their anti-America rhetoric. Overall their conduct has been shameful.

gandhi said...

Hmmnn… “jazzycat” is a blogger who does not allow access to his/her profile and who managed to post this rather lengthy comment within seconds of me posting my text. Make of it what you will, folks… (and remember, I WAS visiting ITM earlier today, so we have visitors: be nice to them).

gandhi said...

"within seconds..."

OK it was four minutes (I was re-editing the post for typos) but I hope you get my point.

Jazzycat, are you with the Lincoln Group or Direct Impact marketing? It's so hard to tell these days...!

gandhi said...


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chuck said...

Time to start cleaning our own house...reclaim democracy, restore the Constitution and the rule of law, IMPEACH BUSH.

jazzycat said...

Restore the Constitution and the rule of law......
You mean interpret the constitution by being a strict constructionist as opposed to it being a living and breathing document where you legislate your personal policy preferences.
Reclaim democracy…..
You mean where local governments can’t take land from people to transfer to private developers. Let’s see now was that the liberals on the court or the conservatives? Hmm.

gandhi said...

"personal" policy preferences, jazzycat?

Which "person" are we talking about here? Hmmmn????

If I understand your comments properly, you believe that Islamic terrorists can somehow "win over an extended period of time" by reducing the USA to a weakened state and then launching a military attack through a proxy like Iran. Right?

And then what? All American men will be forced to grow beards, while the women become sex slaves?

If you really do believe that, you are insane.

The best way to overcome our fears is to take a good close look at them...

The terrrrrrrrrst threat is not all that it is hyped up to be: the most they can hope to "win" is increased public support across Muslim nations. And guess what? Thanks to Bush & Co, that is exactly what they ARE achieving!

Liberal Common Sense Asshat Nominee said...
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