December 20, 2005


Here's a thought...

Given that a leaked email from Rove to Hadley is somewhere close to the heart of the Fitzgerald enquiry, given that there are rumours that Rove is on the outer with Bush (whether Bush admits it in public or not), given that Hadley appears to be a "true believer" in the neo-con fantasyworld (as opposed to more hard-headed opportunists like Cheney), given that there is talk that Hadley could be taking a more prominent role in setting the White House's PR agenda (i.e spin), and given that there has been a fairly obvious shift in spin tactics over the past week or more, would it be reasonable to hypothesize that Hadley has recently advised Bush to go to the American people and basically just tell the truth (within limits, of course!)?

Or is this Barbara Bush's hand at work, sweeping Cheney and Rove from the Oval Office and telling George to come clean (within limits, of course!)?

In any case, it seems that Bush's new candid (within limits, of course) approach is only getting him into deeper and deeper waters... But where will it end?

Do Bush, Hadley and Co really believe that they can sweet-talk the US people into sharing their neo-con fantasies? Can we expect Rove and Cheney to be served up as sacrificial lambs on the media altar of post-facto truths (within limits, of course)?

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