December 04, 2005

Feds To The Left, Feds To The Right

Chalk up another victory fot the bloggers: the FBI has reopened an inquiry into the NigerGate forgeries. But don't hold your breath waiting for quick results:
But the senior federal official said, "I don't expect the results to be any different. I think the answer is going to be that [Martino] wasn't acting in behalf of any government or intelligence agency. This guy was trying to peddle this to whoever he could."
Ahem. The question, you dummy, is WHY he was peddling this particular line of information. Does he have contacts with Michael Ledeen and the neo-cons? And if so, was this part of a conspiracy to mis-lead the USA into an illegal, immoral and totally unnecessary war?
Although Martino's role has long been known, it remains unclear whom he was working with and whether the entire scheme was his idea alone.

After the Pollari testimony, Martino was quoted in an Italian newspaper as saying that he was working for the intelligence agency and not on his own. He acknowledged his role of "postman," as he put it, but said that his instructions were coming from Nucero.

"I did not make this thing up," he was quoted as saying in the newspaper Il Giornale. "I didn't even know where Niger was."
I suspect the Bush cabalists have high-placed contacts within the FBI, which is why the Feds seem to be running in both directions at once on many of these important issues.

Meanwhile, Fitzy is playing his cards close to his chest, as well he should. The pro-Fascist Wall Street Journal is seeking access to information, but Fitzgerald is blocking it on the basis that it could embarrass individuals who are not guilty, and it could jeapordize the continuing investigation. I am all for freedom of information, but let the man do his job!

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