December 20, 2005

All The News That Bush & Co See Fit To Print

Newsweek reveals that on December 6th this year, George W. Bush met with the publisher and editor of the New York Times (who had sat on the story for a full year) and begged them not to publish revelations of his illegal phone-tapping program.

While the NYT went to press with it anyway (which way is the wind blowing today?), it is now quite clear that Arthur J. Salzberger Junior is totally unfit to own a great newspaper like the New York Times, let alone take top-level editorial control of it.

As Arianna asks, what other stories is the NYT sill sitting on? It is now quite clear that Bush would not have won re-election without the help of the NYT. Hopefully they can remdy the situation by putting him and his fellow cabalists in jail. But that will probably have to include Salzberger.

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