December 06, 2005

Rice And Merkel: Woman To Woman

Condi Rice might well be flying into the perfect storm. To date, she has managed to dodge and weave her way around the world of international diplomacy. But Germany has a new Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who will be thinking twice about her election pledge to restore good relations with Washington.

And while the tabloid media may now be ready to pounce on it, all this stuff about secret CIA prisons and torture renditions is - to those of us in the know, at least - nothing all that new.

I was amazed that my blog was ever rated #2 on the Google Web for information on Khaled el-Masri, but guess who is now #6 in the Google Top Ten as the story breaks?

Our good friend Elendil from RUMMY'S DIARIES!!!

Now where are the REAL journalists...? Hmmn?


elendil said...

Yay, I win! Don't worry, this story is finally rising in prominence. I will be pleased when they finally get that testing done on his hair. The American (and Australian) public are asleep at the wheel, but I don't think the Europeans will stand for this.

gandhi said...

I suspect the hair DNA alaysis has already been done a long time ago, but the German government has chosen not to publicise the embarrassing results.

Rice has now admitted the USA made a mistake (I'd love to hear Geroge say that) and it sounds like El Masri's case may well be settled out of court for a hefty (taxpayer-funded) fee.

Actually, maybe NOT!

But senior U.S. officials, traveling to Romania with Rice on the next leg of her European tour, said Rice had not admitted a U.S. mistake over Masri.

I can feel a post coming on...!


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