July 11, 2006

Bush's Secret WMD Program

So what were those secret Bush programs that House Intelligence Chairman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) was referring to? TPMmuckraker has details:
Gaubatz told me that the program Hoekstra referenced Sunday, the "major" activity the Intelligence Committee wasn't briefed on, is a Defense Department program run out of the Air Force Research Lab. Gaubatz said that there were “several programs” there that the Congressman wasn't aware of, but “one major program” in particular. He wouldn't give too many details about the program, but said that "it pertains to WMD and ways to move the WMD."

... On February 16th this year, Gaubatz says he briefed Hoekstra's staff, and then the Congressman himself on May 4th, two weeks before Hoekstra wrote his letter. He told them about the location of the four WMD sites and also the existence of the Air Force's WMD program.

Gaubatz said he "was really stunned they weren't aware" of the program, and then put them in touch with the official at Kirtland Air Force Base who could confirm the program's existence, a two star general. He said they then confirmed it.
Basically I think it is safe to assume that Bush is using the Air Force to move WMD around the world without letting Congress or anyone else know what he is doing or why. Fortunately, there is absolutely zero risk of accident involved, since Bush - as we all know - is on close speaking terms with God.


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