July 10, 2006

'Did President Bush have Ken Lay murdered?'
If this had happened during the Clinton administration, and Lay had been Clinton's primary financial patron, don't you think that right-wingers would be all abuzz today with conspiracy theories about how Clinton had Lay knocked off to keep him from talking?

You just know they would.

Sure, we've already seen suspicions raised in the comment threads of liberal blogs, but no real effort will be made to push this theory and no "serious" journalist would ever take it seriously, except as an opportunity to ridicule the generic "left." We won't see any books or documentaries devoted to the suspicious circumstances surrounding Lay's death, no hour-long rants from liberal talk radio hosts, and no provocative evening news teases drumming the conspiracy into the American consciousness, a la the unfortunate Vince Foster.
From the Comments at Smirky:
Ken Lay isn't dead, we all know it. He's kickin' back right now, as you read this, on a beach on his own island somewhere, probably in the South Pacific, sipping on some drink with a parasol in it, reading stories on the internet about his untimely "demise".

Think about it (as I'm sure most of us have): what better way to get out of a life-long prison term? And does he have the means to pull this off? Are you kdding? He's got more money than everyone reading the chimp ever will have....combined! And does he have the connections? Well, given that his good buddy is the PrezNit, who does in fact have some good connections with experience in these matters, then yea, you might say that he does.

I live in western Colorado. In fact, I live in the very town that they brought "Mr. Lay's" body for an autopsy. Hmmm, now why would they bring him here? Oh, he happens to die in Aspen on the very week that the Aspen coronor is on vacation, so they bring him 150 miles to Grand Junction so a coronor who has never seen Mr. Lay anywhere other than CNN can examine him, rather then take Mr. Lay to Denver, also about 150 miles from Aspen, where people might actually know Ken Lay.

And I understand that the body was returned to the family within a day or so. Look for the family to cremate the body or otherwise make it unavailable for any further testing. I'm guessing that the body that showed up here in Grand Junction was just somebody who won't be missed.
And from the original post at The Huffington Post:
Thom Hartmann promulgated the same theory. He brought up the strange case of William Casey (CIA chief under Reagan) whereby he was set to testify in the Iran Contra hearings & suddenly developed the urgent need for brain surgery. He never really recovered & never testified. The theory is that Bush senior had him "surgically" impaired, thus enabling Bush to maintain that he was "out of the loop." Why wouldn't junior take a page out of dad's playbook?


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