July 18, 2006

How To Sew A Dog's Head Onto A Corpse

You will require:

1 x Gullible US Public
1 x War In Iraq
1 x Hollywood Movie plot, "Mars Attacks!"
1 x Un-named US Official
1 x Compliant US Media Reporter
1 x Republican Website
0 x Corpses
0 x Dog's Heads


Take the gullible US public and simmer in fear for three years. Bring the War In Iraq to the boil.

In a seperate bowl, embed the compliant US media reporter with the un-named US official and stir thoroughly.

Take one small slice of the Hollywood movie plot. Add to the mixture and whip till frothing.

Serve one small portion (raw) live on CNN. Tantalizing!

Pour the remainder into the Republican website and allow to chill.

Extract small portions, carefully removed from full context, and serve with generous helpings of breathless outrage, xenophic fear and wilful ignorance.

Even your critics will love it!

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