July 13, 2006

Is Bush Flying WMDs To Iraq?

Is it just me, or is everybody missing the big story in this Hoekstra debate about even more secret, un-named Bush administration programs?

Everybody is focussing on who Hoekstra's source is, while ignoring the quite amazing snippets of information he has already revealed about Bush's still-secret operations. It sounds to me like the secret program (or one of them) involves the DoD using the US Air Force to move WMDs around the globe.

If so, where are they moving the WMDs, and why? And why can't they tell Congress?

From the TPM archives:
"Gaubatz told me that the program Hoekstra referenced Sunday, the "major" activity the Intelligence Committee wasn't briefed on, is a Defense Department program run out of the Air Force Research Lab. Gaubatz said that there were “several programs” there that the Congressman wasn't aware of, but “one major program” in particular. He wouldn't give too many details about the program, but said that "it pertains to WMD and ways to move the WMD."

... On February 16th this year, Gaubatz says he briefed Hoekstra's staff, and then the Congressman himself on May 4th, two weeks before Hoekstra wrote his letter. He told them about the location of the four WMD sites and also the existence of the Air Force's WMD program.

Gaubatz said he "was really stunned they weren't aware" of the program, and then put them in touch with the official at Kirtland Air Force Base who could confirm the program's existence, a two star general. He said they then confirmed it. "
Has anyone contacted officials (specifically two star generals) at Kirtland AF Base Research Lab?

Here's a snip from the Kirtland Air Force Base Wikipedia entry:

"The installation is home to the 377th Air Base Wing, Kirtland AFB's host organization. The mission of the wing is to provide world-class munitions maintenance, readiness and training, and base operating support to approximately 76 Federal government and 384 private sector tenants and associate units. Among these is the Defense Threat Reduction Agency's Defense Nuclear Weapons School, the mission of which is to provide nuclear weapons core competencies and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high explosive (CBRNE) response training to DoD, other Federal and State Agencies, and National Laboratory personnel. "
And here is another:
"In 1992, the Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex (KUMSC) was activated at Kirtland AFB. KUMSC is the largest storage facility for nuclear weapons in the world... Total capacity of warheads stored there is over 3,000, and includes the B-83 and B-61 gravity bombs, and W-80, W-88, and W-87 warheads for the Minuteman III and Peacekeeper ICBM's. "
Is this part of an effort to miraculously "find" WMDs in Iraq, maybe? Just before November elections, maybe? (I know experts say you could not plant WMDs without "footprints" revealing their origin, but by the time that story got out the elections could well be over). Don't scoff, such timely lies have worked - twice - for the Howard government here in Australia. Karl "The Genius" Rove is under pressure to do something big...


gandhi said...

Kirtland also hosts a Special Ops unit. Surprise.

gandhi said...

A recent audit of a munitions store housed at Kirtland Air Force Base found that hundreds of non-nuclear explosive devices were untested or unaccounted for.

"... extremely dangerous and potentially destructive materials may be subject to theft or diversion,” auditors wrote.

...Auditors said Sandia failed to adequately inventory its explosives when they were being used at military sites and universities, among other locations not on lab property. The Albuquerque-based lab frequently couldn't find or track several items."

gandhi said...

President Bush waves from Air Force One at Kirtland Air Force Base as he leaves Albuquerque, NM, on Friday, June 16, 2006.


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