July 10, 2006

WSJ Plagiarizes ITM: Nobody Blinks

Is it a sign of the times that the Wall Street Journal plagiarizes an Iraqi blog (or at least, republishes plagiarized material) and nobody even cares?

There is barely a sprinkle of interest on the Democratic Underground post. Think Progress also has a post (though you would hardly know what it's about from reading the inane, off-topic comments section).

Most interesting, however, is that three days after the plagiarized WSJ blog entry was published, not even the Fadhil brothers at ITM have anything to say on the matter. Even their regular commenters just noted the story and moved on. Wierd.

Sure, there are lots of more other important issues out there right now. So maybe this is another example of "outrage fatigue"?

I guess everybody is happy to just let SOC-SMG, the company which performed the plagiarism, do its own internal investigation... right???


Anonymous said...

I have first hand experience with SOC-SMG. I am one of the many small contractors who have been unbelievably abused by this group of mercenaries who will say and do anything for a profit. Where are the checks and balances for a an out of control industry that has as many mercenaries in Iraq as the Government has military personnel. They have no one stopping their abuses. We all need to unite against them.

gandhi said...

Can I ask what sort of business you were doing with SOC-SMG in the first place?

I am sure there are some investigative reporters left in the USA who might wanna hear your story. At the very least, I know a few bloggers...


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