October 13, 2006

Anna Politkovskaya's final piece dispatched from beyond grave
The article, accompanied by graphic images taken from a video, described the alleged torture by Kremlin-backed Chechen security services of suspects branded terrorists...

The video accompanying Politkovskaya's words was apparently shot by the people committing the torture, and four pictures reproduced in the paper were accompanied by a Russian translation of the torturers' expletive-filled conversation in Chechen about how hard it was to kill the victims.

"Are we fighting legally against lawlessness?" Politkovskaya asked. "Or are we thrashing them with our own lawlessness?"

The story included written testimony from a Chechen who was extradited from Ukraine to a Chechen government office in Grozny, where he was allegedly hung by his hands and feet from a pole and beaten, given shocks and suffocated with a bag over his head to force him to confess to killings he said he did not commit.
Sounds all too familiar, doesn't it?


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