October 18, 2006

Be Prepared

TPM Cafe has an interesting discussion about Why are Bush and Rove so confident ahead of the coming elections. From the comments:
I believe that 2007 will see a full-bore Constitutional crisis the likes of which we haven't seen since 1974, maybe even the 1860s. Will a Republican-controlled House impeach Bush? And would a Republican-controlled Senate remove him? Especially if they were confident that they would never pay the price at the polls for not acting?

The question to ponder is whether the military would ever rise up and say, "enough: Bush, you have to leave," and whether those of us in opposition to Bushism would be comfortable with the military stepping in as a last resort. Is that "cure" worse than the problem?
You might want to keep an eye on blackboxvoting.org...

Then there's this line of thought:
My prediction: On or about November 1, Israel will attack Iran's nuclear infrastructure and other military targets, using their story as justification. The U.S. will either join in the attacks or, at least, provide cover for the Israelis.
And this:
We must all show up en masse on November 7th. Then if we lose, we must take to the streets on November 8th like the Ukrainians and Mexicans.
Yeah, that could happen.

What is not being discussed is why this coming election is even close. After six years of GOP corruption, a war that has cost half a million lies FOR NOTHING, and all the rest of it, how can ANYONE in Bush's USA still vote GOP? It makes no sense at all. Maybe once you could have blamed the US media stooges, but it is way past that now...


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