October 10, 2006

Boom! Bush's Moral Certainties Explode!

US proposes UN sanctions on North Korea:
Among Bolton's proposals are an arms embargo, the freezing of financial assets connected with weapons of mass destruction - and even a ban on luxury goods.

"We're looking for very swift action by the Security Council," Bolton told reporters.
In other words, they got nothing but talk. A pity the USA didn't start talking a few years ago, instead of just labelling the North Koreans as "evil" and refusing to negotiate with them.

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer summoned the North Korean ambassador and, err ... told him to be nice to China!
"There's no sort of absolute right or wrong but I think my own judgment is that it is slightly better to keep some lines of communication with them, bearing in mind they are part of the Asia Pacific region."
What? No absolute right or wrong? How do you expect voters to understand that? Whatever happened to our Axis Of Evil?


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