October 02, 2006

Bubble Boy Versus The Decider

I have always been puzzled about the "Bush In A Bubble" theory - is Bush really an ignorant pawn, or is he The Decider? Or neither? Or both?

So it is interesting to read this Woodward quote (via Eschaton) from a section of his new book describing the former Iraq administrator Jay Garner’s reluctance to tell the president about the mistakes he saw the Pentagon making in Iraq:
“It was only one example of a visitor to the Oval Office not telling the president the whole story or the truth. Likewise, in these moments where Bush had someone from the field there in the chair beside him, he did not press, did not try to open the door himself and ask what the visitor had seen and thought. The whole atmosphere too often resembled a royal court, with Cheney and Rice in attendance, some upbeat stories, exaggerated good news and a good time had by all.”


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