October 16, 2006

The Earth Shakes: Is God Angry?

Or is it our own stupid fault?

The USA is now declaring that North Korea's nuclear tests did emit radiation. Others are not so sure:
A week after the reported nuclear test and after the UN Security Council has voted on military and economic sanctions of North Korea, there is still no independent confirmation from Japan, S. Korea, or any other official western source, that the test actually took place. There are witnesses, however, who assert that the test was either non nuclear, or it has failed...

American intelligence sources said on Saturday that air sample taken over the area contained radioactive material consistent with underground nuclear tests.
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how many earthquakes always seem to follow such underground testing? You have probably heard that Hawaii was hit by a couple of quake last night, but did you know that Ecuador was also rattled by two quakes?

Maybe it's a sign from God?
Neither quake is believed to have caused injury or damage, but put Ecuadorans on edge as millions went to the polls to elect their next president...
That's right, Ecuadoreans are being presented with an all-too-familiar choice: an anti-Bush, pro-Chavez leftist or a billionaire right-wing Bible-thumper.

Banana magnate Alvaro Noboa, 56, is the country's richest man. He sounds like a real nutter:
An openly pro-US candidate, Mr Noboa is campaigning as a Bible-thumping populist and a rabid anti-communist.

In his campaign rallies, Mr Noboa has sounded more like a revivalist preacher than a presidential candidate. He has asked voters to pray to Christ Jesus for the handicapped. At each public appearance, he has handed out a $US500 cheque and a wheelchair.

At one rally Mr Noboa gave three reasons why he should be president: "Because I am one of the poor and I am the candidate of the poor. Because God has told me to be president."


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