October 19, 2006

Election Looming, So Where's Osama?

Just a thought for anyone who suggests that the US might capture Bin Laden as an "October Surprise" ahead of the Nov 7 elections: he won't be captured, he will be killed.

Bin Laden will not be given the opportunity for further public pronouncements, unless old tapes magically surface at convenient times. The corpse will be paraded on US TV screens, in defiance of the Genveva Conventions, just as Uday Hussein's corpse was.

And if it doesn't happen before Nov 7, it means all the conspiracy talk about Osama having already been caught, etc, is just baloney - if they can do it, they will do it now. If they don't do it now, it's because they can't.

UPDATE: An alternative view via Josh:
You know OBL is coming. He has to. He hasn't sat out an election since he bombed the Cole. The only question is will it mobilize the base more than piss the Dem Wave off more?


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