October 05, 2006

Framing The Debate

From Joseph A. Palermo at HuffPo:
Unfortunately, as serious as Foley-gate is, it has diverted attention away from the Republicans' recent nullification of the writ of habeas corpus and the granting of even more presidential power in interpreting the Geneva Conventions. The twelve Senate Democrats and the thirty-four Democratic House members who voted in favor of this unconstitutional abomination should be all drummed out of the party. The lawsuit filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights now stands as our only vehicle to stop this latest illegitimate power grab that the Legislative Branch has handed on a silver platter to the Executive Branch. When dictators seize power they usually dissolve the Parliament; in our case, the Parliament has dissolved itself.
Anyone else notice how many of the more serious posts like this at HuffPo are routinely met - and very quickly - with a single (and quite extensive) refutation by a pro-Bush commenter? Spidey sense is buzzing...


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