October 03, 2006

Golfers Against Bush

Who's to blame for the U.S. Ryder Cup fiasco?
The reason we're losing, plain and simple, is George W. Bush.

He's turned the rest of the world against us. Just as his actions in Iraq have caused terrorists to swarm together, much like cockroaches, and unite, his behavior in world affairs has given athletes around the world, just like politicians, extra motivation to beat up on us...

So let's stop making all these lame, irrelevant excuses and just accept the fact that we've devolved into a third-world country as far as sports and politics are concerned.

It starts at the top. With Bush alienating the world, the only recourse for many of these frustrated nations is to take it out on our athletes...

The United States has become the world's bully and everyone loves to give the bully his comeuppance.


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