October 13, 2006

The GOP Sleaze Machine Revealed

The Abramoff investigation has revealed that the Moonie-owned Washington Times and other papers published articles in exchange for contributions from Abramoff clients. For example:
One email obtained by the committee shows Abramoff hitting Norquist up for an Op-Ed in favor of his client Channel One back in 1999:
Ariana Huffington has now joined Ralph Nader and [Rep. George Miller (D-CA)] in attacking Channel One. . . . We want to do an oped which smacks her big time, and also swipes at Nader’s guy and the other loonies on this. We have $1,500 to do this piece and get it placed. Are you interested (we can write it for you)?
“Jack, yes, go ahead and draft a copy for me,” Norquist replied.


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