October 12, 2006

Illogical, Incoherent Nonsense

Just look at the transcript of Bush's speech today. What a load of incoherent nonsense! Look at this, for example. He's talking about James Baker's recent comments on changing course in Iraq:
Somebody [who??] said he said, "Well, you know, cut-and-run isn't working." [He never said that.] That's not our policy.

Our policy is to help this country succeed, because I understand the stakes [as often happens with George, the two parts of this sentence have no logical connection]. And I'm going to repeat them one more time. As a matter of fact, I'm going to spend a lot of time repeating the stakes ["repeating the stakes"???] about what life is like ["the stakes about what life is like"??] in the Middle East.

(yadda, yadda) ...

And my vow to the American people is [wait for it...] I understand the stakes [that's not a "vow"], and I understand what it would mean for us to leave before the job is done [neither is that].
Or what about this:
And the stakes are high when it comes to making sure the young democracy of Lebanon is able to fend off the extremists and radicals that want to crater that democracy.
How do you "crater" a Democracy? He can't have meant "create", because it makes no sense either.

Or what about this:
It's important for the president to say to the American people: Diplomacy was what is our first choice.
Was what is? Is or was? Hello-o-o!?
It is very important for us to solve these problems diplomatically. And I thank the leaders of -- listen, when I call them on the phone, we're strategizing.
"Strategizing"? That's not a real word! Neither is "dialoguing", which he uses later.

Then there's this:
"That is the best strategy to solve the problem. I mean, I – you – one has a stronger hand when there’s more people playing your same cards."
He's talking about co-ordinated UN sanctions against North Korea. Or trying to. What he is trying to say is that the USA will have a stronger hand in negotiations if it has the support of other countries. But his card-playing metaphor is totally ridiculous. It's nonsensical!

And here's what he says about the poor bastards dying every day in Iraq:
I am, you know, amazed that this is a society which so wants to be free that they’re willing to — you know, that there’s a level of violence that they tolerate.
Is he talking about the insurgents who give their lives to liberate Iraq from US occupation? I don't think so. Maybe he's talking about the Fadhil brothers.

Then Bush says:
You know, nobody's accused me of having a real sophisticated vocabulary; I understand that.
It's not about being "sophisticated", George. It's about being logical and coherent. It's about earning and deserving the respect of not just your own public in the USA, but the world at large. It's about having real values, not just hollow phrases, and being able to articulate them in an inspiring way. It's about leadership.


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