October 05, 2006

Meanwhile, On Planet Earth

Another unimaginable disaster was unfolding...
Drought threatening the lives of millions will spread across half the land surface of the Earth in the coming century because of global warming, according to new predictions from Britain's leading climate scientists.

Extreme drought, in which agriculture is in effect impossible, will affect about a third of the planet, according to the study from the Met Office's Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research.

It is one of the most dire forecasts so far of the potential effects of rising temperatures around the world - yet it may be an underestimation, the scientists involved said yesterday.

The findings, released at the Climate Clinic at the Conservative Party conference in Bournemouth, drew astonished and dismayed reactions from aid agencies and development specialists, who fear that the poor of developing countries will be worst hit.

"This is genuinely terrifying," said Andrew Pendleton of Christian Aid. "It is a death sentence for many millions of people. It will mean migration off the land at levels we have not seen before, and at levels poor countries cannot cope with."
More at the UK Independent.

It strikes me that many in the USA simply cannot imagine that their president could possibly be so corrupt as his detractors claim, so they just ignore the facts (even as they build into a damning mountain of evidence). So it is with global warming: even those of us who acknowledge the reality have a very hard time trying to seriously imagine just how God-awful the looming reality might be.


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