October 19, 2006

Questions For Condi

The Campaign to Get Condi to Come Clean has four questions she must answer:
Question 1: Why do you continue to deny that an “emergency meeting” took place on July 10th 2001 between yourself, CIA Director George Tenet and Director of the C.I.A. Counterterrorist Center Coffer Black?

Question 2: How can you continue to claim not to have been warned of a possible attack in the United States in light of what we now know about the July 10th meeting?

Question 3: Given the evidence presented in the July 10th the meeting, why were no drastic and immediate new actions taken to protect the American people?

Question 4: How is it possible that the 9/11 Commission’s Report failed to mention the warnings of the July 10th meeting, given George Tenet’s testimony on the subject, witnessed by the Commission’s Executive Director Philip Zelikow, who now serves as one of your closest advisors?
A fifth question might be, "Why haven't you resigned yet?"


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