October 12, 2006

Time To Plan The Evacuation

A new paper on Iraq from Anthony Cordesman of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies:
The situation is spiraling out of control, and the US must either strongly reinforce its existing strategy or change it. It also needs detailed plans and options for “Plan B,” the possibility that it may have to withdraw its troops and possibly most or all of its civilian presence from Iraq...

No mix of options for US action can provide a convincing plan for “victory” in Iraq. The initiative has passed into Iraqi hands. US and outside action can encourage progress towards political conciliation and compromise, and improved security, but cannot force it upon Iraq’s leaders or the Iraqi people.

In the real world, the chances of emerging from the present crisis with anything approaching Iraqi stability, security, pluralism, and unity on any terms are at best even.
Again via Tim Dunlop, who is on fire recently.


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