October 06, 2006

War Criminals Much Obsessed With History
"Who controls the past, controls the future." - George Orwell
So Bush now says the Iraq War is "just a comma" in the pages of history. Say what, George? I thought it was supposed to be the defining moment in Middle Eastern history, the critical fulcrum upon which all else would turn, the model for a wave of new democracies across the region...? I guess he musta down-graded his expectations a bit, hunh? Reality is a bitch.

Australia's PM is also much obsessed with history these days. His recent speeches desperately try to paint the invasion of Iraq in rosy colours, while attacking anti-war opponents with increasing vigour. He even had an August 17 “history summit”. Now his Education minister wants the federal government to seize control of the nation's high school syllabus, including history of course:
Ms Bishop will give a speech to history teachers in Western Australia today, accusing education officials of teaching themes which come "straight from Chairman Mao".

She says ideologues have hijacked school curriculum.
Dios mio!


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