January 23, 2008


I am beginning to think there is a lot more to this global financial crisis than meets the eye. As Barak Obama said today:
"The world continues to fear that the United States government won't do enough to prevent a recession."
But in fact, the world is way (way!) beyond that.

The rest of the world watched in horror as the people of the USA elected a blatantly idiotic chimpanzee to the most powerful position - evuh! - in the history of human evolution. We watched in horror as he lied about WMDs and dragged the globe into a totally bogus war for control of Iraq's oil reserves.

We have watched in mute disgust as both sides of US politics have tried to justify the use of torture, cluster bombs, white phosphorous and other horrors in their pursuit of a totally ridiculous "war" on terrorists (who, we notice, they are not really all that intent on capturing and/or rendering to justice).

So now, predictably, the economic chickens have come home to roost in downtown DC. And what do you frikkin' EXPECT the rest of the world to do?

I mean, sharemarkets are controlled by money, and that money is controlled by real human beings with real emotions and real opinions and (in many, many cases) real disgust at what nearly eight years of George W. Bush has done to our planet.

The Bush-Cheney cabal has pushed their luck way (way!) too far, and people around the globe have woken up to what has been going on for the past fifty years. Why should WE continue to bankroll the US military-industrial establishment, which continues to threaten our very existence?

Or why should WE be expected to bankroll the USA's profligate addiction to polluting fossil fuels, which (again) threaten our very existence?

Maybe the people of Teh USA have not quite woken up to reality yet, consumed as they are by MTV, Nascar, Oprah and FOX TV, but we, the people of the world at large, are now very well aware of what is going on.

So why should WE come to the financial rescue of the Federal Reserve?

Why should WE not sit back and watch with a certain smug satisfaction as the US economy tanks, lilts to starboard, and (hopefully) sinks forever into the muddy shoals of ancient history?

NB: No, I have no idea what "the Big Jhing" means either. It just came to me like a revelation.


Winter Patriot said...

good one! say it loud.


gandhi said...

God bless you, young man. At least SOMEBODY understands!

Bush has been Jhinged! The USA has copped the big Jhing!!

A long time coming, I dare say.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Never underestimate the power of Teh Googletubes to illuminate the meaning behind words you think you've made up. It appears Jhing can sing...


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gandhi said...

Man, she is hot.

Bukko, you gotta lay off the investigative googling! That way lies madness, my friend...



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