January 16, 2008

Dinner With The Devil

Glyn Myerscough wonders why JP Morgan would want to employ a man like Blair?
Why would they want to pay him a purported £2 million salary? We might find the answer in France where the US’s new poodle in new Europe, President Sarkozy is touting Blair for the EU Presidency. Since his resignation Blair has effectively been airbrushed from political existence - like the failed Soviet Siloviki of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Could Blair, the rising son of JP Morgan, be the New World Order’s chosen man in the new European century? Are we witnessing the rehabilitation of Blair as a ‘political asset’?
Myerscough ridicules the idea that Blair has anything to offer JP Morgan, and suggests this is just payback for (a) the Iraq War profits and (b) numerous trans-Atlantic single market economic "bridges".

Myerscough recalls how the US Federal Reserve was established in 1910, following a secretive meeting of powerful banking families on Jeckyll Island:
The one attempt in the 20th century to break the power of this defacto-private bank, for this is precisely what the Federal Reserve is - when founded its board comprised 80% private bankers 20% government representatives – failed spectacularly. 44 years ago John F Kennedy attempted to end the Federal Reserve System to eliminate the national debt this ‘so called’ central bank creates by printing money and lending it to government.

On June 4, 1963, presidential order EO 11110 authorised the president to issue currency. Kennedy ordered the US Treasury to print $4 billion worth of "United States Notes" backed incidentally by US bullion reserves, to replace Federal Reserve Notes, which were backed by nothing, so he could end the Federal Reserve System and the control it gave international bankers over the US government and its citizens. Kennedy’s strategy to bring US troops home from Vietnam by the end of 1965, combined with the removal of the Fed’s control of the US money supply would have killed the profits of this private bank. Literally as Kennedy’s dollars went into circulation he was assassinated in Dallas.
I am pretty sure George H. W. Bush knows exactly who killed Kennedy, because he was involved. At the time, of course, he was working undercover for the CIA. But he attended a secretive dinner of powerful men the night before Kennedy's death.

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