January 22, 2008


The wave of panic unfolds:
In the media sector, Fairfax shed eight cents to $4.11, News Corp lost 44 cents to $21.32 and its non-voting scrip was down 74 cents to $20.51. Ten Network lost six cents to $2.51 and Seven Network was down 23 cents to $11.55.
These are the people who failed to warn us about the coming crisis, who lauded the fools who engineered it.

Wouldn't it be nice if ANYONE in Ozblogistan was actually reporting this as it is? But it seems the post-election Aussie blogosphere is nearly as dead as a dodo. We've "moved on", it seems...

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

And now they've gone and killed Heath Ledger to give Joe Six-Stubby something to divert his attention toward. I fear it will take Britney's upcoming suicide and Paris's rape-murder to give the TV news in the U.S. a topic to obsess over for two weeks instead of economic news. "Wave of celebrity deaths sweeps Hollywood! Is any star safe?!?"


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