January 15, 2008

Bend Over

Has anyone ever done an economic analysis of where the USA might be without its massive global arms industry?

I'm just trying to work out what the US taxpayer gets out of this obscene charade:

1. The Bush Gang abuses political power to send billions of US taxpayer dollars to the Saudis via oil deals, aid deals, and straight-out corruption.

2. The Saudis send billions of dollars back to The Bush Gang's friends in the US military-industrial complex.

3. The US military-industrial complex lobbies for the Bush Gang to achieve even more political power.

Repeat, repeat, repeat...

But what does the US taxpayer get out of this cycle? Increased poverty, an increased threat of terrorism, and an economy set to collapse.

When and if the US economy does collapse, Bush's Big Money friends will just take their money and walk away. They already operate as global corporate elites, they are not going to be bound by the limitations of one nation, one government, or one set of tax laws.

I think you can compare what is happening today in global business with what happened back in the days of C.18th English colonialism. Then, British companies traveled the world, exploiting native workers and plundering natural resources, and taking all the profits back home to London. Today, corporate giants spread their tentacles around the world, exploiting native workers and exploiting natural resources, but now the profits are held in offshore accounts and safe havens, ready to be shifted whenever and wherever the next business opportunity arises.

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