January 11, 2008

Where Now On The Financial Front?

Mike Whitney delivers his verdict:
Bush is going to have to give away the farm just to keep the economy from crashing. Good luck. Clearly, the prospect of a system-wide meltdown in banking, real estate and equities has become a "Road to Damascus" moment for lame-duck George.
This is a comprehensive article by Whitney and should be required reading for everybody with any sense at all.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Holy crap! You're linking to an ICH post which cites Mish's blog, which is where I've been turning to for the past two weeks for economic perspectives, after discovering it relatively recently.

It's a big, big world on the Internets tubes, and it's hard to know if the sites that strike me as sensible are held in high regard by anyone other than a handful of tinfoil-hatters who stumble across them. (Like your sites, G.) It validates my opinion to see that other people are paying attention to the same things I'm paying attention to.

gandhi said...

Actually, Bukko, you know what? It's not that big an Internets at all - there are a small handful of indespensible sites like antiwar.com and ICH which, if they disappeared, would leave our entire planet much the worse off.

Blogs like mine frequently just "feed" off their content, although I do try to attribute links whenever I find a story though such a site (I get lazy, of course).

But we should all be supporting these excellent sites as much as possible!


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