January 03, 2008

Michael J. Totten Goes To Fallujah

A classic example of how wingnuts think:
Some Iraqis only pretend to be friendly, but it's obvious when you meet someone who isn't pretending. Human emotion and its expression is the same across cultures. This man could not have been a combatant. I was certain the odds of him trying to kill us were zero. I couldn’t help wondering: was it really necessary to have a plan to kill everyone? But complacency kills. You never know who might attack you in Iraq. I imagined bashing his head into the sidewalk.
Bloody hell. What is he doing over there anyway? Telling his wingnut readers that Falluja is "a paradise compared with, say, a shantytown-packed Mexican border town like Juarez or Tijuana".


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Ooooh, what a brave guy! He WOULD take the pistol, but only if he rilly needed to, aw shucks. And he didn't piss himself and run when he heard unexplained gunshots. Forget Chuck Norris -- I'll vote for whoever this stud supports as Emperor in Chief!

On another slant, what would people think of an djelabiya-wearing Iraqi who comes to America, a land whose residents are known to hate Muslim people in flowing robes, who was always formulating a plan to kill every whitey he saw in case they cracked it? Especially if he was freighted with deadly weaponry at all times?

gandhi said...

It's really sad to see a freak show like Totten dancing around Iraq pretending to be a reporter.

I almost hoped the sorely deceived US military was a little more on-the-game than that these days, even if the White House is still playing the same neocon tune...

Maybe a soldier will frag him?


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