January 04, 2008

Just What Pakistan Need Right Now...

This is how the system works, see:
Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) was awarded a $US498.2 million ($569.53 million) contract to supply F-16 aircraft to Pakistan, the US Pentagon said..

Pakistan has received about $US10 billion ($11.43 billion) in US funding since 2001 because Washington views Pakistan as a key ally in President George W Bush's campaign against terrorism...

The United States has agreed to sell Pakistan up to 36 new F-16 jets together with refurbished F-16s.
You see? The US government fleeces their own taxpayers and gives the money to a business partner like Musharraf, who then signs deals to give large chunks of the money back to the US military-industrial complex. Under pressure to maintain US support, Musharraf just signs off on another deal and - bingo! - he still has the full support of the White House.

And don't look for any Democrat presidential hopefuls to criticize the deal. The only one speaking up now is Joe Biden, hardly a front-runner. [UPDATE: Biden drops out of the race. Surprised?]

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