January 16, 2008

"Liberals Are The New Fascists" M'kay?

And up is down:
They attacked me. They went after all my advertisers. They learned good from their friends at Media Matters, that rat-bum -- it's a homosexual, fascist website. Let me explain who Media Matters is. It was founded by Hillary Clinton. It's run by a bunch of fascist homosexuals. They're the brownshirts of our time.

When are you gonna wake up to the fact that liberals are not liberal? When are you gonna wake up to the fact that the liberals are the new fascists. They are the brownshirts! And they're gonna take this country over the cliff if you don't stand up to them and stop them.
OMFG! We gotta get mobilized right now, dudes!

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Big Dan said...

What is the difference between a person who watches Savage and believes him, and a person who thinks Savage is full of shit? I think intelligence, correct me if I'm wrong.


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