August 19, 2005

Great PR, Pity About The Motives

The truth behind Sharon's Gaza pullout:
Israeli settler-colonists are dangerous predators in territorial terms, and ugly anachronisms in historical terms. They represent the last, lingering link to a form of 19th century European colonialism that is now universally seen to be based on the racist principle that white Europeans could steal the lands of any other people in the world, because the darker natives in southern lands had lesser rights as human beings...

I am saddened but not surprised that Sharon says he is leaving Gaza because political and demographic realities have changed. It is a shame that so few voices in Israel or among Jewish communities around the world would come out and say in clear terms that Israel is leaving because occupation is illegal, morally wrong, and politically counterproductive. Or that the Palestinians have the right to live in freedom, independence and national dignity...
Israel's "Untermenschen" treatment of the Palestinians has alarming parallels to the USA's perception of Iraqi war casualties, who are somehow not worth the effort of even counting.

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