August 26, 2005

John Howard Knows Nothing - Again

Hmmn. There's always a scandal brewing when Australia's "teflon" PM says he knows nothing and wasn't told:
'It is news to me. I'll find out. I'll investigate the claims but I don't have any knowledge of it,' Mr Howard said on Southern Cross radio in Melbourne. 'I should have been told.'
UPDATE: Australia follows the US lead once again, as Howard & Co threaten to jail journalists:
Two journalists from the Canberra bureau of News Limited's Herald Sun newspaper have been warned they face going to jail for contempt of court if they do not identify a source who gave them confidential government documents.

John Howard says the Federal Government has followed routine procedure in the investigation and prosecution of journalists Gerard McManus and Michael Harvey over the leak.

He has told Southern Cross Radio he respects reporters' need to preserve confidences but the Government has a right to some secrecy.

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