August 18, 2005

Jeffrey Goldstein: Slandering Cindy As An Anti-Semite

The "anti-Semite" slurs didn't work. The "puppet of leftwing radicals" spin didn't work. So today Mister Jeff "Don't-call-me-Jeffrey" Goldstein's new wingnut policy on Cindy Sheehan is ... be vewwy vewwy quwiet!!!.

And if (like me) you don't be quiet, you will be labelled an anti-Semite and a troll, then banned:
Gandhi’s been banned. I told him not to call me “Jeffrey.” He didn’t comply.

Posted by Jeff Goldstein | permalink
on 08/17 at 07:52 PM
Or maybe not. Nine minutes later:
Okay, I’ve removed the ban. To answer Gandhi’s question, calling for the dissolution of the Jewish State ("Israel out of Palestine”, etc, with Palestine understood by the groups she’s aligned herself with as encompassing Israel) is a pretty clear indication you’ve pitted yourself against the Jews...

Posted by Jeff Goldstein | permalink
on 08/17 at 08:01 PM
Say WHAT??? Demanding “Israel out of Palestine” is the same thing as “calling for the dissolution of the Jewish State”? And once again we have guilt by association used to justify a filthy attack on a decent, grieving war mom!

So here's Jeffrey, who calls me an anti-Semite, claiming that his Jewish surname has nothing whatsover to do with his stated political agenda (which originally caused him to slander me as a mindless lefty sheep follower of Michael Moore)....

But scratch the surface and what do we find?

An out-and-out Zionist!

UPDATE: Jeffrey gets all excited by a mention in the neocon Weekly Standard. Here's a taste of their intellectual ... um, ... rigour?
The left has to pretend to like Ted Rall. The center-right gets the real thing.
Branding everyone who disagrees with you an anti-Semite. Hilarious entertainment for wingnuts.

UPDATE 2: Anti-Semites! They're everywhere!!!


TallDave said...

I actually think Cindy is working the "puppet of left-wing radicals" angle pretty well.

TallDave said...

You know, with the Michael Moore webpage and the Code Pink entourage and the "America is not worth dying for."

Jack said...

Enjoyed it & marked it for later. Have a small site about Agent Orange it covers heart problems which is obvious, but it happened to me and I wanted to write about it.---Jack---

Bryan Mirkalami said...

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elendil said...

Hey, look, Chris Muir's cartoon, which is referenced in the Weekly Standard article you mentioned in reference to Protein Wisdom, refers to your number-one favourite charity!

They're an incestuous bunch, aye?

gandhi said...


That's a cartoon??? Aren't cartoons supposed to have, like... you know... humour???

Sinner said...

That's a cartoon??? Aren't cartoons supposed to have, like... you know... humour???

You say that and you point to Ted Rall?

Holy crap, I had hoped to find something here that would help me think you weren't completely unhinged...

Wadard said...

Cool it Gandhi, what is the point in making this bigger than it is?

gandhi said...


Sorry, mate, but I am not going to just sit back and take another three and a half years of this crap.

Andrew Shimmin said...

Be very careful. The wily zionists don't cotton to the brave criticism of which you've shown yourself capable. They could send their Joooo spies out to get you. And, you know, bake your blood into their matzohs. Blood-sucking jew bastards! They love the goyim blood like black men love white women--unnaturally.

Wadard said...

Actually - the way you guys are carrying on you do Gandhi a service becaue he proves his case with each of your wriggles.


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