January 27, 2006

The Bush "Road To Peace" Is An Illusion

... so why do the press report it as fact?

Let's look at a couple of recent, typical headlines:

From the Christian Broadcasting Network, on the Hamas election victory:

Hamas Victory May be Large Bump on Road to Peace

And from the Miami Herald, on Sharon's coma:

A rougher road to peace

They make it sound like Middle East peace was almost within reach before these two tragedies occured, right? As if....!

Bush is now blaming the outgoing Palestinian government of Mahmoud Abbas for failing to curtail violence, rather than admitting that all his talk about "spreading Democracy in the Middle East" is just a pile of shit:
The Hamas victory was the fifth case recently of militants' winning significant gains through elections. They included the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hezbollah in Lebanon, a radical president in Iran, and Shiites backed by militias in Iraq...

Diplomats involved in the Middle East peace process known as the road map, the document that calls for reciprocal steps between Israelis and Palestinians toward creation of a Palestinian state, say that any immediate chances of reviving the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue are daunting if not impossible
As Gandhi once said: "there is no road to peace - peace is the road".

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