January 25, 2006

One Step Beyond

And so it begins...
"This is not just another nomination to the Supreme Court," said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill. "It is truly going to tip the scales of justice."
If Alito is confirmed, the Bush cabal will have no hesitation escalating even the tiniest misdemeanor to the Supreme Court. Wire-tapping? Rigged elections? Political opponents sent to prison on fake evidence? No problemo...

If Alito is confirmed, Gitmo will blossom. More pre-emptive wars will ensue. The criminals who destroyed the republic will never be held to account.

WARNING: Within a few years, the alleged "Democracy" of the USA will be an utter farce. The only obstacle to this is the Fitzgerald enquiry, which may just be able to garner enough public outrage to throw these bastards out before they sieze complete control.

And on that subject, it's interesting to note that Scooter Libby's legal team want to be allowed to use classified evidence at his trial, allegedly relating to the kind of work that Ms Plame was doing for the CIA. It's probably just a delaying tactic: how long till Bush pardons him, after all?

America, the stakes are high. Please pay attention.

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